As you may or may not know, Worksity's mission is to give people the opportunity that wherever you choose to live, you can earn your basic needs (food, shelter, clothing and energy), with freedom and flexibility, and that’s possible due to the following: -

  1. Worksity continuously simplifying the path for you to earn in your local area.
  2. By you (Job Doers and Job Posters) following best practices that have been mentioned here and within regarding self-employment and working in the UK, you help both of us grow by following what our government asks     us, and improving the work ethic we all practice in our everyday lives.

Worksity is providing a platform for members of each community to never have to go further than their own local area to be able to earn enough to afford their basic needs, by offering a variety of tasks that need to be completed as and when you require it, thus earning money in return.

We wish we could give money to all those who needed it, but we simply don’t have the resources, which is why Worksity was created. A company that has built a Sustainable Local Trading System for people, so members of each community can earn their basic needs as effortless as possible with freedom and flexibility.

To start contributing to your local community, first we need to start with best practices: -

  • Pros & Cons of self-employment.
  • How to register as self-employed. (5 minute process).
  • Self assessment and Tax benefits of being self-employed.
  • Insurance.

Best practices that we encourage our users to undertake are as follows: -

Before hiring a student, local talent or before providing your service to a local business, make sure you have thoroughly researched one another profiles.

  • Feedback - Within our platform, we have provided our users with a feedback system to ensure users can rate each others performance and reliability after a requested task.

    Feedback and ratings can be viewed on all user profiles. This can be used by both students and businesses to better understand whether who you’re working with is reliable and trustworthy, as these have been received from other users they have already worked with.
  • Profile page - Make sure to read the information provided in each other’s profile pages, such as work experience, education and training, and skills and competence.
  • Communication System - Our internal messaging system and direct call service provides users with instant communication, and we recommend our users to use this system to ensure everything has been discussed in detail to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency prior to a project commencing.
  • Dispute System - If you’re unhappy with any work produced, then your first step is to simply liaise with theJob-Doer/Job-Poster to arrange any amendments. If you find yourself making no progress, a dispute of the issue can be raised to Worksity. The matter will be investigated and the issue will be settled by our independent site administrators. Alternatively, you can raise disputes by emailing with the subject line‘New Dispute’, and must be done within 24 hours upon project completion.